Has the world of social networking taken over the demand of the human speech?

 The world we live in today is a technology and interaction world; social networking has become a phenomenal creation that has taken the world we love by creating a virtual communication path where we can socialise with everyone in every corner of the world, making us connected to one and another virtually. But has this taken the human speech away from what we have used for decades to stay in touch with one and another or has it made it better for us to communicate with one and another through the use of social networking, but who’s taking advantage of it?

There are so many social networks around the world that have a huge impact on the society we live in.  Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Skype, Youtube, Instagram, Flickr, Linkedin they are just a few of the social networks around the world that keep us connected.

Having social network can be a good and bad influence, which can be a behavioural change in our lives, making us very compulsive and disturb from the social connection we encounter from our daily life from social networks. Recent studies indicate that 57% of people are using social networking site to communicate with more people online rather than in the real life.

People are spending more time on Facebook and Twitter to know what is going on with celebrity gossip or friend’s update or current news and trends, rather than actually going out and doing something productive with their day.

48% of 18-34 year olds check their social network, when they wake up, and 28% of people check it before getting out there beds. This sort of behaviour can be a obsessive emotion, which can trigger a unstable reaction on a person feelings, good or bad, but it has a very persuasive attachment on our lives and how we want to express our feeling to one and another, it has become a ritual in our lives to preform on a daily bases.

As social network has become a phenomenal on the web, large organisations are recognising the potential marketing opportunity that they can take to there advantage to get more acknowledged by different audience that can buy there product/services. Businesses are advertising on Facebook and Twitter to get the audiences recognising in the businesses and using their services. This combination of marketing with social networks is brilliant as it cost effect and it can target larger audiences from everywhere, promoting the business and connecting social networks with organisation that can make an impact on the changes that companies want though forums room discussing issues that company can solve internally instead of using focus group to minimise problem which is costing the organisation, as well as learn about there customers through social media marketing (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick, 2012, p. 30).

I do believe social network is here and will not be leaving any time soon, it has taken over human speech and lives, but it is an advantage on how it makes our lives happy. It has become an effective tool for companies to build their brand, on a cheap advertisement rate with a built in audience. This has even made ordinary people famous like Justin Beiber from Youtube a superstar over night. The way we could appeal to this is to spend less time on social media to protect us losing our privacy, as we are slaves to social media.

To conclude, I would say it has taken over he human speech not in negative way, but in a positive way. Where we can interact with one another and not have see people on a daily bases. It has become more easier to stay in contact with people via social network, But yes there are some habits that must calm down as it can effect people lives from looking at the phones before sleeping and before getting out of bed, but overall its help us keep connected with current news and trends, which companies are using to penetrate and gather information of customers, which can benefit their organisation, which can develop there market brand on social networks, developing a brand recognition with audiences that are already there, making a closer connection with customers benefiting from an interactive company with audiences that are using the social networks to communicate.



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